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About TSA
The Transportation Security Administration protects the Nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.
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TSA- 1-866-289-9673
The Transportation Security Administration will continuously set the standard for excellence in transportation security through its people, processes, and technology.
Core Values
To enhance mission performance and achieve our shared goals, we are committed to promoting a culture founded on these values:

  1. Integrity
    • We are a people of integrity who respect and care for others and protect the information we handle
    • We are a people who conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at all times
    • We are a people who gain strength from the diversity in our cultures
  2. Innovation
    • We are a people who embrace and stand ready for change
    • We are a people who are courageous and willing to take on new challenges
    • We are a people with an enterprising spirit, striving for innovations who accept the risk-taking that comes with it
  3. Team Spirit
    • We are a people who are open, respectful and dedicated to making others better
    • We are a people who have a passion for challenge, success and being on a winning team
    • We are a people who will build teams around our strengths