Liberia Civil Aviation Authority Logo

The vision of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority is to become a world-class leader in the regulation and promotion of aviation by fostering its safe and orderly development in Liberia in line with International Standards.

Richelieu A. Williams (Director General)

Our Misson

Provide enhanced quality in service and productivity by providing innovative technical regulatory supervision geared towards the promotion of a safe civil aviation sector as well as place high-value in fostering teamwork, training and continuous improvement in the level of professionalism commensurate with ICAO’s standards.

Core Values

Our core values are engrained in the tradition of professionalism, individual and collective inspirations backed by motivation, excellence in service, pragmatic adherence to Safety and Security and upholding probity and accountability.

  • Continued maintenance of high standards of Aviation Safety;
  • Monitor and evaluate current and projected aviation growth;
  • Implement the policies and objectives of the government;
  • Systematically develop plan to meet set objectives;
  • Spearhead regional and International aviation programs agreed on by the Government;
  • Acquire, establish, and improve navigation facilities wherever necessary;
  • Govern the flight of aircraft;
  • The LCAA shall have the power to investigate, or arrange by contract or otherwise for the investigation of accidents involving civil aviation occurring in Liberia and civil aircraft registered in Liberia occurring outside of the territory of any foreign country for the purpose of determining the facts, conditions, and circumstances relating to each accident and the probable cause thereof.